Our Curriculum

At Kuei Luck Early Childhood Center, we believe that children learn best in an environment that supports and builds upon their interests and curiosity. Through the process of inquiry, children begin to ask questions about their world. The environment is set up to assist in answering their questions. Open ended materials and activities are presented to develop and nurture these interests. The teachers act as observers and facilitators to encourage and support their learning.

Our curriculum is greatly inspired by the Reggio Approach. The belief of a constructivist approach of learning by doing, children have multiple intelligences, the importance of an aesthetic environment, participation of the community and families, respect for differences and diversity and the access to education for all young children1.

Another aspect to our curriculum is our language immersion of Mandarin in the classroom. The school day is lead in both languages simultaneously. Offering children this opportunity not only exposes them to a second language but as research has shown, also has significant cognitive developmental advantages.

1 Edwards, Carolyn P., Lella Gandini, and George E. Forman. The Hundred Languages of Children: The Reggio Emilia Experience in Transformation. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger, 2012. Print.

Our Philosophy

We believe that children are independent thinkers and motivated learners. We encourage children to ask questions about the world around them. The role of our teachers is to help bridge the children’s questions to their answers. This is achieved through open-ended experiences. Teachers create scenarios in which children can interact and engage with materials, activities and topics freely and organically. Teachers constantly reflect on how to build these bridges for the children.

Our Facility

Kuei Luck Early Childhood Center is a brand new state of the art facility that is conveniently located on the border of Forest Hills and Rego Park, Queens. Each classroom has its own bathroom specifically designed for young children. We also have an indoor gross motor room available to the children for active play. All of our building materials are environmentally-conscious and we use child-safe products. Electronic access control systems are installed to ensure maximum security and safety. We are easily accessible through public transportation and walking distance from Queens Boulevard.

Every detail of our space takes our children’s learning into consideration. From the classroom materials to the bulbs of the lighting fixtures, every aspect of our environment aims to create an invitation to discover and explore. It evokes calmness and peace for both the children and adults. There is a balance of natural and man-made materials for a provocation to engage and investigate.

The health and well‐being of our children, families, and staff are our highest priorities. As we plan tomove forward with a successful and safe school year, we must remain vigilant in mitigating the outbreakof COVID‐19 and protecting our community’s health. Kuei Luck Early Childhood Center has taken drastic precautions to ensure that we minimize the transmission of COVID‐19.

In preparation for reopening, our school has been undergoing some health and safety updates. We have installed UV Lights in our ventilation system to help sanitize the air in the school. In addition, we have purchased an electrostatic fogger that will send out electrostatically charged particles of disinfecting solution. We will be implementing this tool into our daily cleaning procedure. We have also installed an infrared camera to monitor the temperature of all persons coming into the facility.

Our Director

Laurie Rouder has been in the education field for the past 24 years, earning her Bachelor’s in Social Work from Cornell University and a Master’s Degree in Education from Queens College. Over the course of her teaching career, Laurie was given the opportunity to learn and grow as a leader, while forming great relationships with parents, children, and staff. Over the past 24 years, she has been the founding educational director at two Reggio-Emilia inspired start-up schools in New York City, an educational director of a parent cooperative in Roslyn, NY and also, the Educational Director of a play-based program in New York City. Laurie believes that children learn best through play as well as from one another, and strongly supports duel language environments.

Laurie is a proud mom of her three grown children and a grandma (or as they say “Lala” to two amazing children.

Play is the highest form of research. Albert Einstein