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COVID-19 & School safety

A special note to our community:

COVID-19 has changed the way that students learn and live. We are dedicated to creating a safe and healthy environment while keeping schools open so students have a place to thrive and learn. Public health specialist Dr. Marigold Castillo, Assistant Professor of pediatrics of Zucker School of Medicine, consults on Kuei Luck’s safety measures. Our safety protocols include specialized cleaning tools to camera-enabled infrared temperature checks at our front entrance. Daily CDC compliant questionnaire, temperature monitoring, and CDC guideline training to our staff. We recognize the disruptions this virus has caused to our community and are committed to providing timely communication as we take measures to support the best interests of our students and families.

We are pleased to announce that all our schools have been updated with the latest technology to ensure the safety of our students and community.

  • All HVAC systems use MERV 13 filters or higher
  • UVC Lights as well as Bi-Polar Ionization air filtration installed
  • Thermal cameras to read individual's body temperature
  • Daily electrostatic spraying/disinfecting

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