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* Tours are held on Tuesday at 9:45 am or 3:00 pm; classroom observations are held on Thursday at 9:45 am or 3:00 pm. Please call in advance to schedule a time. *


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Full Day
Lunch and Snack

Universal Pre-K For All
Breakfast and Lunch
Extended Day: 2:20pm-6:00pm


Toddlers 1-2 yrs old

Beginning to make sense of their world through their five senses. Supporting their growing curiosity, peer interactions and increasing mobility.

Daily Schedule

A glimpse into a toddler's day

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Walkers 2-3 yrs old

Exploration through sensory play, providing practice for independence, self help skills and language development.

Daily Schedule

A glimpse into a walker's day

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Nursery 3-4 yrs old

Opportunities for collaboration with others, a sense of responsibility for self and others. Supporting their growing sense of self awareness.

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A peek at our nursery children's day

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Pre-K For All 4-5 yrs old

Supporting their ability to problem solve, and communicate. Guiding them to organize their own thoughts and ideas.

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A glance at our preschooler's day

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The greatest sign of success for a teacher… is to be able to say,
‘The children are now working as if I did not exist.’ MARIA MONTESSORI